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Custom Steel Components and Fabrication

No matter what kind of project your company is working on, finding the right components to build, sculpt, or assemble your latest project is one of the key steps of finishing your work. The quality of those components determines how good of quality your project will have. If you are in need of custom steel components or other steel fabrications, the team of steel fabricators at Made in China Resourcing can help supply your needs to help you continue your work.

Made in China Resourcing is an internationally recognised company that has helped different customers from around the world find custom made supplies and other products for construction purposes, and for many more industries as well. Their customers have come from as far as Australia, the United States, and Europe. Made in China Resourcing has been in business for over 10 years, and has since developed a large, various network of factories and suppliers they trust to conduct their business with.

In Need of Custom Steel Components and Fabrication? The Fabricators at Made in China Can Help!

The team at Made in China Resourcing is primarily a group of manufacturing factories and other steel fabricators that pride themselves on their excellence in custom steel fabrication and production. Most often they are able to give exactly what their customer wants, and have fulfilled many different custom orders in the past. Their teams stay up to date with the latest technologies, methods, and equipment for custom steel fabrication. They are also constantly training their staff with the new techniques. All these efforts are to ensure that the product they supply you with is of the best quality you can find.

In addition to their custom steel fabrications Made in China Resourcing offer sourcing services that can handle the logistics of acquiring your supply. Once you’ve contacted them with the details and specifications of your project and the needed product, Made in China Resourcing goes to work immediately to find you the best supplier. The more information you give them, the better they can serve you. Their staff will find and verify factories that will be able to produce and supply the quality product that you need. They will also arrange samples, production quotes, and write up sales contracts. Made in China Resourcing will even give potential clients an obligation free price quote for their services.

One of their better services is the quality control service. This is an opportunity given to their clients to come visit and inspect the factories where their product is being manufactured as the process is going on so they can verify for themselves that the product being made is to the specifications they need and want. A sample will also be chosen later at random from the finished product to be sent for your inspection and confirmation. Made in China Sourcing’s motto is, ‘If it isn’t inspected, it isn’t exported,’ which is also promise to their customers that the services they purchase are the quality they’re wanting.

For specifics on their custom steel fabrications, Made in China Sourcing offers the ability to process the different fabrications of sawing, deburring, milling, drilling, turning, tapping (threading), shearing (pressing/punching), and welding. There is also the option of choosing which surface treatment and quality grade for your product. Whatever custom steel fabrications you need, Made in China Sourcing can provide you with the assistance to find the custom steel fabricator and supplier to give you the quality you deserve.

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Quote on time and delivery on time. You will never lose business opportunities by sourcing from the other side of world.

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Products specific to customised designs and requirements. You will have exactly the same products you desired for.

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Save your big money in sourcing products from China. You will gain competitive advantage over your rival.

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  • We required a custom made plastic device. Made in China Sourcing arranged the sample to be made. Once we got the sample we realized we needed to modify it. Made in China sourcing staff made the whole process easy, they helped with organizing changes to the sample and explaining to the supplier what changes were required and where changes were required. Thanks for your help
    Gary- Developer, Owner
  • Made in China Sourcing provided us with custom made fabricated steel structures used in apartment blocks. The delivery times have been tight but they have met them time and time again. Well done keep up the good work.
    Joe - Construction Company , Project manager
  • Made in China Sourcing has manufactured large steel retaining wall posts for our company for over 2 years. The steel is A grade and the hot dip galvanization is always a fantastic finish. I would recommend made in China souring for any steel construction items. The containers arrive like clockwork.
    Tony – Construction Company, Company Director
  • Made in China Sourcing sourced us 50 KM of cable at a fraction of the cost from our normal suppliers. They provided us with samples and controlled the stock process from order to delivery. Our return on the project was much higher than when we quoted the job. I look forward to using your company again
    David - Electrical company, Owner Electrician Company
  • Made in China Sourcing provided us with the guide and interpreter for our buying trip to china. We were extremely happy with the level of care and service provided. What can I say professional and friendly what more could I ask for. Thank you
    Sarah - Construction Company , Financial Controller
  • I needed some bollards and a lot of them the price in Australia was $200 each. I looked for a sourcing company and found tracking & tracing. They landed the bollards in Australia at our warehouse door for $62 each... what a saving. I now know how to get my equipment for a fraction of the cost. Best of all it was easy. Well done. I will use you again and again
    Thomas - Event Company, Purchasing Manager
  • We found some products at an exhibition we attended in GZ. The price was great but we needed a way to ensure quality remained within the limits we set. It was not cost effective to come to the factories each time our order was ready was ready for shipment. We engaged the services of Made in China Sourcing to do spot checks and final checks on our orders. It saved us from a major defect. Thanks for your hard work.
    Alice - Eye Glasses Importer, Director
  • We struggled to keep profitable in a competitive market until we decided to look at importing directly from China. We didn't know where to begin fortunately we engaged the service of Made in China Sourcing to source a range of doors for us, our profitability is up and our costs are down.
    Dennis - Door Sales Company, Director

It does not matter if it is your first time importing from China or you have been importing for years.
Made in China Sourcing have the solution to make the importing process safer and easier for you.