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Sourcing Companies in China

Hiring Sourcing Companies in China for Steel Construction: What You Need to Know About Sourcing Agents

If you are like many businesses that need large amounts of steel, you are probably looking for the highest quality, most affordable, steel that you can find. One way that you can do this is by buying steel from China. Because Chinese steel is high quality and extremely affordable, you will be getting an amazing value for your money. However, before you start contacting steel construction companies in China, you will need some help. After all, you probably don’t speak Chinese, you probably don’t speak the language, nor will you be aware on how to conduct professional business in China. Fortunately, you can contact one of the sourcing companies in China, that are based in Australia, and all of this can be taken care of for you.

Working with Sourcing Agents in China for Your Steel

When you start working with buying agents in China for your steel, you will see a wide range of advantages. First of all, they will already be working with companies in China that supply high quality steel. They will be able to recommend one of these companies to you based on your businesses needs or if their partner companies are not able to effectively meet your needs, they will have sources throughout China who can check out other factories that can also supply these materials. If you want to visit factories on your own, in order to see what they can do, the sourcing agents in China can set up tours for you, complete with a trusted translator.

Other things that you will find when working with these sourcing agents is that they will be able to work with these companies to make contracts in both English and Chinese. These contracts will be identical, just in both languages so they are easy to understand and read. In short, when you choose buying agents in China, they will be taking on the risk for a value that cannot be denied.

Finding Buying Agents in China for Your Steel

If all of this sounds like a good idea to you, you will probably want to find a few trusted sourcing companies in China to check out. One of the first things that you should be doing is looking into the opinions of your friends and family. They may be able to give you a suggestion on what type of company to choose, especially if they have been involved in exporting or importing from China themselves.

Another thing that you can do when looking for sourcing agents in China for steel is to look online. By doing your own research, you can take your time and really look for positive attributes of the companies you could possibly be working with. You will quickly find that by taking the time to research and really find out what these companies can offer to you, you will put both you and your company in a great position to get steel from China at an amazing value for your money. Start contacting, today.

On Time

Quote on time and delivery on time. You will never lose business opportunities by sourcing from the other side of world.

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Products specific to customised designs and requirements. You will have exactly the same products you desired for.

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Save your big money in sourcing products from China. You will gain competitive advantage over your rival.

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  • We required a custom made plastic device. Made in China Sourcing arranged the sample to be made. Once we got the sample we realized we needed to modify it. Made in China sourcing staff made the whole process easy, they helped with organizing changes to the sample and explaining to the supplier what changes were required and where changes were required. Thanks for your help
    Gary- Developer, Owner
  • Made in China Sourcing provided us with custom made fabricated steel structures used in apartment blocks. The delivery times have been tight but they have met them time and time again. Well done keep up the good work.
    Joe - Construction Company , Project manager
  • Made in China Sourcing has manufactured large steel retaining wall posts for our company for over 2 years. The steel is A grade and the hot dip galvanization is always a fantastic finish. I would recommend made in China souring for any steel construction items. The containers arrive like clockwork.
    Tony – Construction Company, Company Director
  • Made in China Sourcing sourced us 50 KM of cable at a fraction of the cost from our normal suppliers. They provided us with samples and controlled the stock process from order to delivery. Our return on the project was much higher than when we quoted the job. I look forward to using your company again
    David - Electrical company, Owner Electrician Company
  • Made in China Sourcing provided us with the guide and interpreter for our buying trip to china. We were extremely happy with the level of care and service provided. What can I say professional and friendly what more could I ask for. Thank you
    Sarah - Construction Company , Financial Controller
  • I needed some bollards and a lot of them the price in Australia was $200 each. I looked for a sourcing company and found tracking & tracing. They landed the bollards in Australia at our warehouse door for $62 each... what a saving. I now know how to get my equipment for a fraction of the cost. Best of all it was easy. Well done. I will use you again and again
    Thomas - Event Company, Purchasing Manager
  • We found some products at an exhibition we attended in GZ. The price was great but we needed a way to ensure quality remained within the limits we set. It was not cost effective to come to the factories each time our order was ready was ready for shipment. We engaged the services of Made in China Sourcing to do spot checks and final checks on our orders. It saved us from a major defect. Thanks for your hard work.
    Alice - Eye Glasses Importer, Director
  • We struggled to keep profitable in a competitive market until we decided to look at importing directly from China. We didn't know where to begin fortunately we engaged the service of Made in China Sourcing to source a range of doors for us, our profitability is up and our costs are down.
    Dennis - Door Sales Company, Director

It does not matter if it is your first time importing from China or you have been importing for years.
Made in China Sourcing have the solution to make the importing process safer and easier for you.